How is an aircraft Pressurised?

Airplanes pressurize their cabins by pumping air into them. As their jet engines suck in air, some of the excess air is diverted into the airplane’s cabin. The air is both cooled and humidified — meaning moisture is added to it — after which it’s circulated into and throughout the cabin.

How does a plane lose cabin pressure?

Loss of pressure in a plane can come from a hole or leak and results in loss of oxygen. Pilots then need to get the aircraft down to a safe altitude where everyone can breathe normally. Loss of pressure could be caused by a bomb and destroy the plane in the worst case scenario.

Why do crisp packets inflate on a plane?

As that trapped air or gas inside the packet increases and because the ambient air pressure in the cabin is less, it will push out and expand the packet like a balloon. … This means that as the air pressure inside the aircraft cabin decreases, the volume of air trapped inside the crisp packet will increase.

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