Can I use a power supply with higher amps?

The amperage rating on your power supply simply means that the supply can put out up to 2 amps, so as long as the voltage matches (12 volts) you could safely use a higher amp power supply for your device.

What is the supply for DC motor?

Brushed dc motors When the power is interrupted, the armature coils will act as inductors and will try to continue to produce current, effectively becoming an inverted voltage source. This will apply a reverse polarity to the power supply and can cause damage (back EMF, electro-magnetic flux).

How do I choose a DC power supply?

In order to select the right power supply there are some important basics to understand.

  1. Voltage Rating. If a device says it needs a particular voltage, then you have to assume it needs that voltage. …
  2. Current Rating. Current is a bit different. …
  3. Replacing Existing Supply. …
  4. Advanced Concepts.


What is a DC power supply used for?

DC-DC power supplies allow you to plug in electrical devices into car outlets or similar sources that supply direct current, or DC, power. These power supplies are not the most commonly used, though.

How do I choose a power supply for my motor?

Once you’ve added the maximum current you need for your whole system, examine each motor’s specifications to determine the voltage rating. Whatever it is, you’ll need to get a power supply double the rated voltage. So far motors with a rated voltage of 2.8 Volts, you’d need a power supply that runs 5.5 or 6 Volts.

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